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2.0L TFSI engine codes

Engine codes to verify tuning parts
Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional

Engine codes of 2.0L TFSI engines

If you are looking for the engine code of your 2.0L TFSI engine, you have come to the right place. With this you can check if tuning parts fit to your engine or not. You can also find a list of all the things that have been done to the 2.0L TFSI from 220 PS.

These are all codes of 2.0L TFSI engines

Engine code PS    Torque output  Vehicle
BPJ 170 280 A6 (C6), Tiguan
BWA 185 270 2005er Leon
AXX, BWA, BWE, BPY 200 280 A4 (B7), A3 (8P), 2006er TT, Passat (B6), Golf Mk5 GTI, Jetta Mk5 GLI,
León FR Mk2, Altea, Toledo Mk3, Exeo, Octavia (1Z) vRS
BUL 220 300 2005er A4 (B7) DTM Edition
CDL 220 350 Volkswagen Polo R WRC
BYD 230 300 Golf Mk5 GTI Edition 30 + Pirelli Edition, Golf Mk4 GTI Edition 35
BWJ 241 300 León Cupra, León Cupra Mk2 facelift
CDL 256 330 S3 (8P), Golf R (Australia, Japan, Middle-East and North America)
BHZ 265 350 S3 (8P)
CDL 265 350 S3 (8P), TTS, León Cupra R Mk2 facelift
CDL 271 350 TTS, Golf R (Europe)

What has changed in 2.0 TFSI engines starting at 220 PS and higher?

From 220 PS, the following changes have been carried out in the TFSI to achieve greater performance:

  • stronger pistons and piston pins,
  • new piston rings,
  • reinforced con rods,
  • modified bearings,
  • reinforced block on the main bearing line as well as crankshaft bracket,
  • modified cylinder head for higher temperature resistance,
  • set control times for the exhaust camshaft,
  • improved cross section of the high-pressure injectors,
  • 1.2 bar (value only for Audi S3(8P)) boost,
  • K04 turbocharger with larger turbine and
  • compressor wheel (S3, Cupra, GTI Edition 30).

Identify the right tuning parts for your 2.0L TFSI

With the engine code, you are always on the safe side when it comes to your parts. Because with the engine code, you can not only read the specifications of the engine. With its aid, you always find the right components for your 2.0 TFSI engine as well. The codes are not necessarily unique according to brand or model; often they have nothing to do with it.

Where do you find the engine code?

The spot in which you find your engine code varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can start with the operating manual or the service booklet. Otherwise, the code might be directly on the engine, on a type plate or stamped in (usually on the rear side). Or you’ll might find your engine code even on the cover of the toothed belt or in the trunk. If all else fails, your repair shop will help you.

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Bartek Bartoszewicz
Tuning Professional
His first car was a Polo Mk1 with a 40 Weber twin carburetor and 129 PS (95 kW). His second was an Audi 50. Today Bartek tunes Lamborghinis to 1000 PS (735 kW). Even as a young boy, Bartek disassembled vehicles and put everything back together better. He wrote his high school diploma with oil on his fingers. The trained automotive mechanic with a focus on engines and gearboxes was determined to go into motorsports. In his 10 years in Formal 1, he supervised 73 races, including as engine mechanic for Ralf Schumacher at Toyota. Since 2010, he has dedicated himself fully to his company BAR-TEK® Motorsport and helps his customers to bring VW and Audi engines to peak performance.
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