2.5L TFSI in the Audi TTRS & RS3: Audis power package

Probably Audi's most beautiful four-wheel drive history blossoms in a new design: We show you the 2.5L TFSI engine from the Audi TT RS and the Audi RS3.

Strong as six cylinders and economical as four: the Audi five-cylinder engine

The construction of the five-cylinder engines gave Audi a stable name in the 1980s. The five-cylinder engines are as powerful as a six-cylinder and at the same time as economical as a four-cylinder. An absolute "Vorsprung durch Technik".

A turbocharged five-cylinder in-line engine with permanent all-wheel drive, which convinces not only with its performance but also with its breathtaking appearance and equipment.

Equipped with 340 horses and a power-to-weight ratio of 1510 kg, which means almost exactly 4.3 kg per hp, this racing coupé reaches 100 km/h after only 4.3 seconds.

Due to its 420 Nm which are already available from a speed of 1600 rpm, it achieves a limited top speed of 240 km/h. The speed of the engine is also reduced to a minimum.

But if you lift the lock and let him off the leash the adrenaline rush ends at 280 km/h.

Despite its trimmed five-cylinder in-line engine, the TT RS consumes only 9.2 litres of fuel per 100 km thanks to its aerodynamic design.




The world's smallest and most powerful in-line five-cylinder engine

Due to the compact, short design, the five-cylinder engine fits into the engine compartment without any problems when installed transversely. It is number one for the most powerful and at the same time smallest in-line five-cylinder engine in the world.



Since the block has to withstand a lot due to its massive performance, Quattro GmbH (Audi Sport GmbH since 2016) decided to cast the five-cylinder engine from the same material as its V6 and V8 colleagues.




Here you can see some RS3 engines in the different stages of construction. All engines are amplified and completely assembled by us. Also check out our 2.5L TFSI racing engines for Audi TTRS and Audi RS3.





On our in-house Maha all-wheel dyno of the newest generation we can tune engines perfectly. We also measure power outputs of more than 1000 hp exactly, with a tolerance of +/-1 %.













Hybrid Turbo and GTX30 Generation 2 Turbocharger in Comparison

Here is a good comparison between the hybrid turbo and the Garrett turbocharger GTX30 Generation 2. The Garrett GTX has a much better performance and is still faster in spool-up! So the GTX is the better choice, also with regard to the turbo hole.
Our next project will be the next stage with a Precision Turbo!

In 2017 we took another step forward

We ignited the next stage with a Precision PT6466 Gen. 2!
Also with 0.82AR like the previous GTX3076, in order to be able to compare the performance levels better with each other







Here is an interesting comparison of the torque curve of the two projects.
In the spool-up (colour grey) the Precision loses its response behaviour, but the further development of the torque is very impressive.



Questions about 2.5L TFSI Tuning?

Want to get more out of your 2.5L TFSI engine? We'll give you all the tuning tips you need! Just give us a call or contact us by e-mail.

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