The Vektor Update 2.0 with the new 8GB SD card for all existing customers with the Golf 7 data display. Not suitable for the Lite Display or other vehicles!

The update to the new version 2.0 can not be done with the original 4 GB SD card. The update can be done either with the new 8 GB card offered by us or a conventional brand SD card up to 32 GB. Since we cannot test every SD card in advance, the update may fail if the card is not suitable. A failed update will not cause any damage, you just have to use another card. The used SD card must remain in the VCU.

Quick guide:
After double clicking on the .EXE the update program opens. Now take the new Vektor 8 GB SD card or a brand card 8-32GB and insert it into your PC.

Select the drive from the list, which belongs to your SD card. Then click on "Flash". Now insert the microSD card back into the VCU.

Start the engine. First the display will do an update. After this is done successfully the VCU will be updated. Please note that during the VCU update the display is off. After the successful update the display starts as usual. The update process must not be interrupted. The whole process takes about 20 minutes. The update process is only complete when the "POWER" LED is lit continuously.

Further information can be found in the instructions on page 36.