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Injector Service @ BAR-TEK

Product number: 100042
Included in the service:
  • Checking the actual state
  • External cleaning of the injection nozzle
  • Create nozzle protocol
  • etc.


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Professional Petrol fuel injector service and repair @ BAR-TEK.

The only way to successfully test and diagnose a fuel injector is off the engine.
Using our brand new Asnu (ASNU= As New) test and flowbench we can check the flow rates and spray patterns of each individual injector at the same time and compare those results.
The injectors will be ultrasonically cleaned and back flushed. We install new filters and seals and then run the injector again on the ASNU bench to verify the results.

Our injector service includes:

  • Mechanical condition check
  • Pressure hold check
  • Spray patterns check
  • Electronic condition test
  • Ultrasonicically cleaned and flushed
  • Flow rates static and dynamic
  • New seals and filters fitted

Already new injectors are different in fuel flow. The manufacturer gives tolearnces up to 8% as "normal"!
In worst case these different fuel flows can lead to an engine damage.
We highly recommend to check ALL injectors for the correct fuel flow and pattern.
You can order new injectors from us that will have tolerances below 1% here.

Price per one injector.

After your order please send the injetors to us for our full service.

The Piezo Injector is very sensitive, so please pack it carefuly.

Here is a detailed video about our injection nozzle service:

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