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PLEX® Tuning Knock Monitor V2 PLEX® Tuning Knock Monitor V2
Professional tuning, at the highest level. Never Miss Knock Again! The ultimate tuning tool and at the same time one of the few really effective knocking tools on the market. Often described as the ultimate knock tool, the PLEX Klopf...
From 899.95€ *
GFB G-Force II Elektronische Ladedruckkontrolle High Performance GFB G-Force II Electronic charge pressure...
The Geforce II is one of the best boost pressure controllers worldwide. Features: Touch display with menu buttons 6 different display colors 6 free programmable settings Closed-loop boost pressure correction Warning message if the boost...
269.95€ *
Batteriehauptschalter 2-Polig Manual battery disconnect switch - 2 terminal
Manual battery disconect switch with two terminals. By operating it turns the battery off. Battery separation by large red release switch. Usable for emergencys. Easyer to react in emergencys. Prevents from creeping battery consumption....
49.95€ *
Konische Batterie Pol-Adapter Conical battery pole adapter
Conical terminal adapters with bolts. The battery terminals can be bolt only if the battery have a M6 thread. The poles serve as an adapter between the original battery and cable connections. Easy to install.
29.95€ *
Hochleistungs Masseband Heavy duty ground strap
Heavy duty ground strap with 14" length. Closes your proceeding. The ground strap should be in good condition. Defects or errors from corroded ground connections can make errors throughout the hole electronics.
19.95€ *
PC625 - Odyssey Extreme Racing Batterie PC625 - Odyssey Extreme Racing Battery
PC625 Voltage: 12 V Power: 18 A Weight: 6,0 kg Dimensions: 17 x 10 x 18 cm CCA at -18°C: 200 A Connections: M6 studs Nuts and bolts included. Extremely rugged, shock-resistant and heat resistant, high-capacity battery for racing. By pure...
179.95€ *
Karosseriedurchführung für Batteriekabel Battery thru panel
Leads your cable safely thru a panel or firewall. Special safety accessoire that prevents from short circuits.
14.95€ *
Heck Batterie Kabel Kit Rear Battery cable kit - 133 strand, 10`
10´(3 meter) cable kit to move the battery behind the driver. The kit contains a heavy high-amp battery cable with 84 strands. Firebraid ™ insulation, firewall grommet, with special insulated cable clamps and cable ties. End connections...
104.95€ *
Heizlüfter für Frontscheibe BAR-TEK® Windscreen Heater BAR-TEK®
Motorsport heater for vehicle windsscrrens. This heater is specifically designed for vehicles that are operated with racing manifolds and without heat exchangers. In such racecars it can occure that the windows get of fogged, specially...
299.95€ *
Weatherproof starter button and ignition switch Longacre Weatherproof starter button and ignition switch...
Weatherproof starter button and ignition switch made by Longacre. A light aluminium panel with a weatherproof starterbutton and a weatheproof flip switch. The flip switch has a 40 ampere heavy duty switch, a pilot light and is already...
39.95€ *
Two-way flip switch Two-way flip switch
Two-way flip switch The flip switch has a 40 ampere heavy duty switch and silver plated contacts. These flip switches are known from the aviation and are also used in motorsports because they avoid an unwanted activity and they are...
19.95€ *
Quadripartite carbon switch panel Quadripartite carbon switch panel
Quadripartite carbon switch panel made by Longacre. A light carbon panel with a ignition switch, which is secured by a lid, a weatherproof starter button and 2 weatherproof flip switche, which have 1 pilot light each. The 40 ampere heavy...
79.95€ *
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Why should you install an oil catch tank?

When an oil catch tank system is installed, the oil vapors from the engine ventilation are not guided back to the intake manifold but directly into the catch tank. This creates fewer carbon deposits on the valves, leading to more performance and a better engine running.

Why are carbon deposits bad for the engine?

The formation of carbon deposits on the intake valves can lead, in the worst case, to valve tear-off and to major engine damage. Even a few carbon deposits are noticeable by irregular idling and power loss. Carbon deposits occur due to long-life oils, poor quality fuel and short distance driving. The installation of an oil catch tank slows down the formation of carbon deposits considerably.

Return adapter – no more separate draining

With the return adapter for oil catch tanks, you finally won´t have to drain the catch tank separately any longer. It is simply fitted to the oil pan between the oil return line. This way, the oil collected in the catch tank can flow back into the oil pan. The adapter is made of aluminum, comes with gaskets and screws and is easy to install.


Questions about the catch tank?

We are always there for you if you have questions. Just phone us or write us an e-mail and get tuning tips from over 15 years of experience in Motorsport.

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