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Padding for rollover cages

Roll Bar Padding

The job of a rollover protection device is to protect you should you have an accident – particularly in car racing. The metal pipes of a rollover bar prevent, for instance, that the roof is too heavily dented in the event of a rollover. The rollover cage offers additional protection from deformation. There is usually also an edge protection. Our roll bar padding is perfectly suited for all types of rollover bars and cages. It improves the protection you get should you have an accident and ensures a pleasant padding already when getting into the car.

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BAR-TEK® Motorsport
HD Mini Roll Bar Padding
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BAR-TEK® Motorsport
High Density Roll Bar Padding
Guaranteed to fit in your car!

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Optimal padding for all rollover cages

In our online shop, we have self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive roll bar pads. You can fasten the non-self-adhesive ProTecto 180° medium density padding simply with cable ties. They form the optimum padding for the entry ways. They are particularly soft and lightweight and offer very good all-round protection due to their shape.

Our HD mini roll bar padding is ideal for use in the head area and field of vision area, since they guarantee an optimal visual field. They are lightweight, streamlined and self-adhesive and ensure maximum energy absorption. They also are fire-resistant.

The absolutely true classic among the types of roll bar pads that can be used for all standard rollover cages is our high-density padding for cages. It delivers everything you can only wish for in terms of accident prevention: It is self-adhesive, offers maximum energy absorption and is fire-resistant. It does not melt and drip in the event of a fire.

The complete padding set for all common cages is also available in our shop. It contains two full-size high-density pads; two mini high-density pads and four ProTecto 180° pads. With them, you can equip a complete racing car.

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