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G60 Vent Hose Valve Cover G60 Vent Hose Valve Cover
G60 vent hose valve cover Original VW part number: 037103493L Important: Fits only to chassis number 50-K-030 000
29.95€ *
G60 G-Lader Verdränger Verschlussplatten BAR-TEK® G60 G-Lader displacer cover rings BAR-TEK®
2 cover rings for all G60 G-Lader displacers oil seals. Developed by VW Motorsport for the Rally Golf these rings are the best solution to keep the oil seals where they have to stay. Including: 2 cover rings aluminium 6 bolts (pls use...
45.95€ *
Breiter Riemen G-Lader Extra wide belt for all G40/G60
Reinforced belt from the original supplier Gates for all G-Supercharger. Extra wide 11mm does fit without any modification needed, Plug & Play for all G40 or G60 G-Laders.
9.95€ * 12.95€ *
Dichtleisten-Satz beige Sealstrips-Kit NEW Spec. all Superchargers
8 original VW Sealstrips beige color suitable for all G40 and G60 G-Lader. These Sealstrips are like the original NEW Spec used since 1993 in all new G-Superchargers. Made in germany.
99.95€ *
G-Lader Dichtsatz G60 beige Dichtleisten BAR-TEK® G60 Lader FULL Service-Kit beige BAR-TEK®
All parts wich You need for a complete Rebuild of the G-60 Supercharger. 8 Sealstrips: ready cutted "beige" colour original VW since 1993 5 Shaft Oil seals BAR-TEK® 5 Bearings: Suppliers FAG and Torrington 1 Extra wide belt: reinforced...
295.95€ *
G60 Motorsport Verdränger NEU G60 Motorsport displacer NEW
G60 Motorsport Displacer suitable for all G60. * Increased diameter of the walls * High strength material * Improved and ported outlet * Increase in boost pressure of +0.1 bar * Quicker increase of boost pressure This new developed...
919.95€ *
G60 Laderrad 70mm G60 Pully 70mm
Increases the rev of the G-Lader. More boost and Horsepower! Black coated high quality alloy.
19.95€ * 29.95€ *
G60 Laderrad 68mm G60 Pully 68mm
Increases the rev of the G-Lader. More boost and Horsepower! Black coated high quality alloy.
19.95€ * 39.95€ *
G60/G40 & 16VG60 Laderrad Zahnriemenantrieb HTD G60/G40 & 16VG60 Pully toothed belt HTD
Increases the revs of the G-Lader. More boost and Horsepower! Steel version coated. Also for 16VG60 Following sizes possible: 60 or 65mm Aluminium spacer for pully not included. Please order seperately.
49.95€ *
G60 EVO Ladeluftkühler RALLYE Golf G60 EVO Intercooler RALLYE Golf
Improved version of the OEM Intercooler from the Rallye Golf G60. Bar and plate design. Original design with black coating. 10mm deeper and therefore increased cooling efficiency. More cooling= more horsepower!
615.95€ *
G60 Schwungrad erleichtert Lighter Flywheel G60
Modified and ballanced Flywheel for all G-60 Modells. Weight after modification approx. 6,5 kg. NEW flywheel, finished machined, balanced and with a new starter wheel. No exchange needed. (Pic shows different flywheel) Made in germany...
149.95€ *
O-Ring für Auslass Stutzen für RS-Kit O-Ring for RS Outlet Kit
O-Ring for the RS Outlet Kit for the Corrado. We recommend to use silicon for better sealing.
3.95€ *
Zufuhr-Ölleitung G-Lader Feeding-Oilhose G-Supercharger
Oilfeeding high pressure hose for G40 or G60. After a G-Lader failure you should replace also this oilpipe. The oil feed can be blocked inside the oil line. If in doubt please replace to this new one. This is cheaper than to replace the...
49.95€ *
G60 G-Lader Ölanschluss Edelstahl BAR-TEK® G60 G-Lader Oil return line fitting BAR-TEK®
New oil return flange that fits in the G60 Block. Oil return from G60 G-Lader back to the sump. Also perfekt for 16VG60 conversions, as if other blocks are used like KR or ABF, these blocks do not have the fitting installed. Not...
9.95€ * 19.95€ *
G60 Laderrad 65mm G60 Pully 65mm
Increases the revs of the G-Lader. More boost and Horsepower! Black coated high quality alloy.
19.95€ * 39.95€ *
Kleiner Dichtsatz G60 beige Dichtleisten BAR-TEK® G60 Lader small Service-Kit beige BAR-TEK®
This is the same Kit as the complete Service-Kit only without the bearings. With new spec. "beige" colour sealstrips. With the NEW BAR-TEK® Oilseals. Attention: We deliver only the parts which we mention in the list and NOT like the...
195.95€ *
Nadellager Verdränger G60 Torrington Bearing Displacer G60 Torrington
Original Torrington bearing for the G60 Supercharger. This bearing sits in the displacer od each G60 G-Lader and should be replaced at certain time to avoid damage to the G60 Supercharger. The G60 displacer bearing is the most critical...
69.95€ *
Dichtleisten-Satz grau Sealstrips-Kit grey
8 Sealstrips grey color. This are the same sealstrips which has been used original from VW since 1993 . Including one extra wide belt! For all Superchargers G40 or G60.
109.95€ *
G60 Auslassbogen 180° BAR-TEK® G60 Outlet pipe for big intercooler BAR-TEK®
Outlet pipe from G-Lader to big intercooler. Also for Rally intercooler suitable. Including 2 bolts and washers. Gasket between G-Lader and this pipe can be ordered seperatly.
139.95€ * 145.95€ *
G60 Auslassbogen Dichtplatte BAR-TEK® G60 Gasket for outlet-pipe BAR-TEK®
Gasket for outlet pipe G60 Lader big intercooler. Also for Rally Golf intercooler. Non rosting steel. 100% same design compared to VW.
39.95€ *
G60 RS Chip G60 RS Chip
Our special tuning Eprom for VW G60 engines. Please choose from following configurations: Chip V1: 68-70mm Pully max. 1bar boost Green G60 Injectors Chip V2: 62-65mm Pully max. 1.1bar boost Green G60 Injectors Schrick camshaft Chip V3:...
199.95€ *
G60 RS3 Chip G60 RS3 Chip
Our special RS 3 Eprom for G-60. The software is for following hardware configurations: Pully 72mm asym. Schrick Camshaft Adjustabel fuel pressure regulator BAR-TEK® big intercooler Kit modified G-Lader Other configurations on request....
199.95€ *
G60 RS Chip für Siemens Steuergerät G60 RS Chip for Siemens ECU
Our special tuning Eprom for VW G60 engines with Siemens ECU. The software is for following hardware configurations: 68-70mm Pully max. 1bar boost Green G60 Injectors Please send your ECU to us after purchase. Other configurations on...
255.95€ *
Einstellbarer Riemenspanner für ZAHNRIEMENANTRIEB BAR-TEK® Adjustable Belt tensioner for TOOTHED BELT...
Thread belt tensioner for our toothed belt kit G60 and 16VG60. This belt tensioner is continuously adjustable to the correct preload of the belt. Only for our toothed belt kit! For Pully sizes 60mm, 65mm and 70mm Black coated for OEM...
59.95€ *
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