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G40 Zahnriemen neue Ausführung G40 timing-belt new spec
New Timing belt from original supplier Gates for G40. New spec since 11.1990 super torque
29.95€ *
G40 Ventildeckeldichtung G40 camcover gasket
Rubber gasket for camcover for all G40. Can be reused.
29.95€ *
Zylinderkopfschrauben G40/G60 Cylinderhead bolts G40/G60
New headbolts for G-40 or G-60 engines. Specialy for Turbo and Supercharged engines! Tightening torque: 40NM 60NM 2x90° German high quality parts!
49.95€ *
8V Riemenscheibe Kurbelwelle original 8V Crankshaft sprocket OEM
Original pully for crankshaft suitable for 8 valve engines like G60 and G40. This pully should be replaced after loosing the bolt, otherwise the crankshaft can be damaged! Please also use new bolt with Loctite!
19.95€ * 29.05€ *
G40 Ölpumpe BAR-TEK® G40 Oilpump BAR-TEK®
High Quality oilpump for all G40 models. The oil pump is one of the most important parts in an engine! It should be replaced after a certain mileage to maintain enough oil flow and oil pressure in the complete engine system. Once an...
169.95€ *
Polo Ölspritzdüsen (Kolbenbodenkühlung) für alle Modelle Polo Oil cooling nozzle (Piston bottom cooling)...
4 Oil cooling nozzles, for all Polo models, with a pressure valve for piston cooling. The nozzles fit mostly in a Polo G40 engine, because of the high temperatures the G40 have from the supercharging. Due to the cooling of the bottom of...
134.95€ *
G40 Spezielle Motorsport Krümmerdichtungen (Kupfer) G40 Spezial Manifold Gaskets Motorsports (Copper)
Spezial Manifold gaskets (Copper). Much bigger diameter (38mm) than original. The gaskets are made out of Copper and can be reused more times. For all 8 valve Polo engines.
29.95€ *
G40 Schraube für Riemenscheibe Kurbelwelle original G40 Bolt for crankshaft sprocket
bolt for pully crankshaft suitable for 8 valve engines like G60 and G40. The pully should be replaced after loosing this bolt, otherwise the crankshaft can be damaged! Please use with Loctite!
14.95€ *
G60 & G40 Klopfsensor original VW G60 & G40 knocking sensor
This sensor is the last chance for the engine life if for example wrong fuel is in the tank or the boost too high or if the engine is running too lean. The sensor is monitoring the combustion. If the engine starts knocking the ECU will...
99.95€ *
Temperaturfühler Wasser blau Water Temp. Sensor blue
New Watertemperature sensor for all G60, G40, 16V or VR6 Models. This sensor measures the water coolent temp. and fails very often. 2 pole.
16.95€ *
RS Thermostat und Lüfterschalter G60/G40 RS Thermostat & Fan Switch G60/G40
RS Water Thermostat opening earlier than the standard OEM part and gives your engine a quicker cooling. The RS Fan switch with his two steps is like the thermostat quicker turning the fan on and gives your engine the needed cooling...
69.95€ *
Kraftstofffilter MANN VAG Fuel filter MANN
High performance fuel filter for nearly each modell. Fuel filters should be replaced after a certian time. The can get stuck and the engine power will be less. Please specify exact car and engine.
19.95€ *
Kurzer Ölfilter BAR-TEK® Short Oilfilter BAR-TEK®
This short Oilfilter will be needed after installation of an Oilcooler-Kit. With new O-ring. height: 95mm diameter: 75mm MANN or Mahle quality made in germany! We also recommend to use our oil filter cutter to see any problems inside the...
9.95€ *
G60/G40 CO Potentiometer BAR-TEK® G60/G40 CO sensor BAR-TEK®
New CO sensor for all G40 and G60 engines. This sesnor needs a proper calibration for the correct fuel mixture.
249.95€ *
G60 & G40 Unterdruckleitung für Steuergerät GATES G60 & G40 boost hose for ECU GATES
New boost hose for the ECU suitable for all G40 and G60 engines including zink plated clamps. This hose is getting worn and hard after some years and can create leaks so that the ECU is getting wrong signals about the pressure in the...
14.95€ *
G60 & G40 Ventilschaftdichtungen BAR-TEK® G60 & G40 Valve stem seals BAR-TEK®
VITON valve stem seals for all G60 and G40 engines. This valve stem Seals offer the following advantages: -High-temperature strength -Improved sliding -Higher-life When using new valves and the guides must be replaced! Price for 8 seals...
49.95€ *
G40 Zylinderkopfdichtung Metall G40 Metal Cylinderheadgasket
Finally a high quality gasket at an affordable price! This is a great addition to any G40 engine running high boost. Extra thinn version (0.7mm) for more combustion! Please use also new bolts!
49.95€ *
G40 Wasserpumpe alte Ausführung G40 Waterpump old spec
Original Waterpump for Polo 2F and G40. Spec until Nov. 1990
59.95€ *
G40 Wasserpumpe neue Ausführung G40 Waterpump new spec
Original Waterpump for Polo 2F and G40. Spec since Nov. 1990 super torque. SKF high quality made in Germany.
59.95€ *
G40 Block Dichtsatz G40 Block Repair Kit
High quality repair kit for Polo G40 Block. All parts you need to seal your G-40 engine. High Quality.
99.95€ *
G40 Zylinderkopf Dichtsatz G40 Head sealing kit
High quality sealing kit for all G40 engines. All parts that are needed to rebuild your Polo G40 cylinder head. Best quality made in Germany! Pls specify valve shaft diameter 7mm or 8mm.
159.95€ *
G40 Luftfilter Einsatz G40 Airfilter OEM
OEM G40 Airfilter for all modells. The best choice for your G-Lader! German MANN high quality.
19.95€ *
Polo & G40 Zylinderkopfdichtung Polo & G40 Cylinderheadgasket
Different types of head gaskets for different applications like Polo G40, Polo Turbo or all other Polo engines with high request on the materials. Please choose between three different gasket types: 1) 0,7mm thickness for more...
49.95€ *
G40 Lambda Sonde BOSCH G40 Lambda probe BOSCH
Original Bosch Lambda probe for all G40 modells. Please check your engine code for the correct probe. There are many different kind of sockets. Made in Germany!
149.95€ *
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Valves for turbochargers and naturally aspirated engines

In our wide range of valves and valve train accessories, you will find the right part for every engine. Our SCHRICK blank valves can be customized, for example, for each head. For the inlet, we recommend steel blanks; for the outlet, you should use blanks made of NIMONIC® steel. They are also suitable for turbo engines, since they are extremely heat-resistant.

FERREA offers top-notch valves, including for turbocharged engines, that support a significant performance increase. They feature high temperature resistance and great tensile strength, are made of special heat-treated material and boast premium-quality processing. This is why FERREA is also used in Formula 1 racing and other race series.

Turbo tuning can no longer be imagined, either, without BAR-TEK valves. The valves with the Nimonic super alloy withstand the most grueling temperatures. You´ll definitely notice the boost of your valve train.

Valve springs, valve spring retainers and valve guides

When installing a sports camshaft, you should always use reinforced valve springs. They prevent the collapse of the series springs and improve the closing of the valves, which significantly augments the valve train. Our sports valve springs from Supertech are available with spring plates made of titanium, for instance, which relieve the valve train. They also have a better and quicker response than the series parts.

The BAR-TEK valve guides provide for a better air flow in the channel of the cylinder head. If you install new valves, you should always also renew the valve guides. And if the old guides show very high wear, you should replace them as well. Then check the valve seat and adapt it, if necessary.

Do you need help?

Tell us if you have a part missing or you need help. With 15 years of Motorsport experience, BAR-TEK is the best contact point in the field of car racing and tuning.

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