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G60 Power Clutch-Kit Sachs G60 Power-Clutch-Kit from Sachs
Complete Power-Clutch-Kit for all G-60 Models. Including 3 parts with organic pads. (Pic shows Sachs race kit)
499.95€ *
16V/16VG60 Sportkupplungs-Kit Sachs organisch 16V/16VG60 Sport-Clutch-Kit from Sachs organic
Complete Sports-Clutch-Kit for all GTI 16V Models. Organic racepads. Maximum Torque 390 NM. Engine Code KR and 9A
549.95€ *
VW & Audi Friction Disc Diamant beschichtet VW & Audi friction disc diamond coated
"The 6 bolt flywheel interface on the VW & Audi engines struggles when subjected to serious power. Even with ARP Flywheel bolts, this interface can become taxed and allow the flywheel to slip around under high torque. This leads to wear...
49.95€ *
ARP HEAVY DUTY Schraube für Schwungrad VW & Audi VAG HEAVY DUTY Bolt for flywheel ARP
High-strength ARP screw made of molybdenum steel for mounting the flywheel on the crankshaft. Suitable for many VW 4 cylinders such as G40, G60, 16V, 1.8T, TDI etc. Especially indispensable for tuned engines, since much higher torques...
9.95€ *
G60 Schwungrad erleichtert Lighter Flywheel G60
Modified and ballanced Flywheel for all G-60 Modells. Weight after modification approx. 6,5 kg. NEW flywheel, finished machined, balanced and with a new starter wheel. No exchange needed. (Pic shows different flywheel) Made in germany...
149.95€ *
G60 Sportkupplungs-Kit Sachs organisch G60 Sport-Clutch-Kit from Sachs organic
Complete Sports-Clutch-Kit for all G60 Models. Organic pads with reinforced springs Coated disc with higher preload springs Maximum Torque 420Nm.
559.95€ *
G60 Sportkupplungs-Kit Sachs sinter G60 Sport-Clutch-Kit from Sachs sinter
Complete Sports-Kit for all G-60 Models. Sinter metal pads. Maximum Torque 500 Nm
599.95€ *
RACE Kupplungsschrauben Satz BAR-TEK® Race clutch cover plate bolt kit BAR-TEK®
6 new bolts for the clutch cover plate for all VR6, G60, 16V and 1.8T engines with single flywheel. High performance 12.9 strength bolts. Will not fit longitudal engines. M7 thread. Please check before order. 20Nm tightening torque. Made...
14.95€ *
16V/16VG60 Sportkupplungs-Kit Sachs sinter 16V/16VG60 Sport-Clutch-Kit from Sachs sinter
Complete Sports-Kit for 16V Models with Enginecode KR or 9A. Sinter metal pads. Maximum Torque 500 Nm
539.95€ *
Sachs SINTER Scheibe G60 VR6 16V 16VG60 Sachs SINTER clutch disc G60 VR6 or 16V 16VG60
Clutch disc with sinter compound patches from Sachs motorsports made in Germany. For highest torque control and racing purpose only. Can be used with standard cover plate. For all G60 VR6 or 16V engines. Max. torque up to 530 NM.
279.95€ *
G60 Alu-Schwungrad Rennsport BAR-TEK® G60 Alloy Flywheel BAR-TEK®
Aluminium Flywheel with steel surface for clutch. Without teethring only 2,8 KG weight! This Flywheel creates a very quick reving engine and makes it much more agressive and powerfull. This is the a high end quality part for your G-60!
399.95€ *
Sachs organische Scheibe G60 VR6 16V 16VG60 Sachs clutch disc G60 VR6 or 16V 16VG60
Organic clutch disc from Sachs motorsports Germany. This reinforced clutch allows higher torque and can be used with serial clutch cover plate. For G60, VR6 or 16V engines.
289.95€ *
Ausrücklager Sachs Race G60 VR6 16V Clutch release bearing Sachs Race G60 VR6 16V
Release bearing from Sachs for all G60 VR6 or 16V engines. This bearing should be replaced as soon as the clutch will be changed!
44.95€ *
G60 RACE Schwungrad Chrom Molydbän BAR-TEK® G60 RACE Flywheel chrom molybdän BAR-TEK®
The popular flywheel on the market for the G60 engine! Features: only 3,9kg total weight Chrom Molly high performance steel with new starter ring heath threatet CNC made and fine balanced Suitable for naturally aspirated or Turbo...
299.95€ *
Kupplungsnehmerzylinder ATE Clutch slave cylinder ATE
Clutch slave cylinder for hydraulic operated clutch systems like in the G60, 16V, VR6, R32, TFSI or 1.8T Once changinge the clutch don´t forget to chech this cylinder. If it is leaking it can contaminate the new clutch and makes it...
119.95€ *
Sachs Druckplatte G60 VR6 16V 16VG60 Sachs clutch cover plate G60 VR6 16V 16VG60
Clutch cover plate from Sachs motorsports made in Germany. Reinforced high preload springs and coated surface for best performance! For all G60 VR6 or 16V engines.
279.95€ *

Optimum boost of your Colt CZT

With the right actuator for your CZT, you achieve the optimum boost. The actuator controls the wastegate. The vacuum created in the intake manifold drives the actuator, which guarantees constant pressure in the higher speed ranges. With the actuator, you ensure a much better response of your turbocharger. With the spring rate of the actuator, it can even be fine-tuned.

Forge silicone hoses for Colt CZT tuning

Forge manufactures particularly high-quality, robust and heat-resistant silicone hoses. They withstand even high loads and temperatures, something that is especially important in tuned vehicles. This applies, among others, to the Forge inlet hose. Standard inlet hoses can shrink at extreme heat and thus diminish performance. With an inlet hose by Forge, that can´t happen since it consists of several woven layers.

Colt CZT tuning tips from the pro

Do you want to learn from the best? We have already implemented many exciting tuning projects and described them in detail. Have a look at what we did with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII, for example. Of course, we´d be glad to give you tips in person. Call us or write us an e-mail.

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